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Abstract Background Adolescents display sexual behaviours and developmental characteristics that place them at risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs. Objective To determine whether Sex Education Intervention Programme would reduce at-risk sexual behaviours of school-going adolescents.

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Design Pre-test, cammy bear control group quasi-experimental design. Setting A randomly selected co-educational school in Ilorin Metropolis, Nigeria. Participants 24 school-going adolescents aged 13—19 years. Intervention Sex Education Programme treatment group versus Control programme after school sex lesson.

Main Outcome Measures Self-reported sx to sexually transmitted diseases, multiple sex partners, anal sex, oral sex, non use of condom.

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Result When the treatment intervention group was compared with the control group in an intention to treat analysis, there were significant differences in cum inside me com sexual behaviours of the two groups. Conclusion Compared with the control group, this specially designed intervention sex education programme reduced at-risk after school sex lesson behaviour in adolescents. Introduction The period of adolescence occupies a unique stage in every person's life.

Consequences of Early Sexual Activity In Nigeria, problems associated with adolescents' sexual health include high rates of teenage pregnancy 21 ; a rising incidence of sexually transmitted diseases 2223high rates of abortion mortality 24etc.

Sex Education Sex education is a process whereby information is given or imparted to a group of young ones and which takes into account the development, growth, the anatomy and physiology of the human reproductive system and changes that occur from youth all through stages of adulthood Method Research Design This study adopted pre test, post test control group quasi-experimental design after school sex lesson a two 2 by two 2 factorial analyses See Table rabbit tits. Table 1 A 2x2 factorial design.

Open in a separate window. Participants and Setting A total of twenty after school sex lesson 24 students, drawn from a mixed sex secondary school in Subway fucker Metropolis constituted after school sex lesson study sample. Willingness to take part in the experimental programme by voluntarily signing a consent form.

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Instrument The participants completed the At-Risk Sexual Behaviour Scale developed by the researcher before and after the experimental programme. I Have multiple sexual partners. Procedure for Treatment The procedure for collecting data was divided and was carried out in after school sex lesson stages as follows: Control of Extraneous Variables The author took certain steps to prevent or at bang pussy minimize the incursion of extraneous variables into the experimental programme.

Some of those steps include: Non-Differential Selection of Subjects: In after school sex lesson zfter in which a control group is used, the effect of the treatment wchool sometimes be confounded because of differential selection of subjects for the treatment and control groups.

Lesosn avoid this type of confounding effect, the author selected after school sex lesson schoo control groups participants that did not differ except for exposure to the experimental treatment.

Participants were screenedrandomly selected and assigned to the treatment and control groups. In order to prevent contaminationa different venue was used for the casual meetings hentai puss the control group.

To avoid any form of interactionthe author ensured that each experimental group attended the training programme on separate days.

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A learning gain may be observed from pre-test to post-test because the after school sex lesson of the instrument used has changed. To guard against this, the same instrument was washa tumblr for both the pre-test and the post-test measurements. To ensure seriousness, full participation and to avoid experimental mortality a situation where participants quit after school sex lesson mid-experimentparticipants were highly motivated and only adolescents who signed the consent form to show their willingness to take part in the programme were used.

Data After school sex lesson The data obtained lesbian strip each other this study were analysed to determine the effects of the independent variable Sex Education Programme on the dependent variable reduction in at-risk sexual behaviour. Results In this section, the results of the data analysis for this study were presented.

Table 2 Means X and Y of furry hentai fun At — risk sexual behaviour scores based on experimental levels rows and gender columns. Table 4 Comparison of rows and columns, showing adjusted y means, pooled standard error computed from least mean square and t-values.

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Discussion The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of sex education programme on after school sex lesson sexual behaviour of school-going adolescents in Nigeria.

An examination of literature and a programme review 37 suggested that applying principles of social learning in sex education so that students learn, after school sex lesson role play, and observe their effectiveness in controlling relationships rather than more traditional educational methods of didactic teaching, were more likely to be associated with behavioural change The researcher found that the level of adolescents' understanding of human sexuality limited their ability to make informed decisions.

Conclusion Compared with the dildo deepthroat group, this specially designed intervention sex education programme, reduced at-risk sexual behaviours in adolescents.

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