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Elsa paused, drawing a nervous breath. She didn't frizen to get too frozen elsa anal from the real reason she'd come to see Anna She'd come to her sister in need of comfort, and nothing made her feel better than finding ecstasy at Anna's hands.

Brow furrowing, Anna asked, "Hey, do you not want to play right now? It's sensual board game okay if you don't, we frozen elsa anal save this for later.

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I was disney channel hentai surprised, that's all. Immediately, the grin was back, Anna's reservations erased by her sister's enthusiasm. You know I worry.

Fold it neatly and leave it in a stack next to the bed. Anna's sweet, excited voice had become suddenly dispassionate and mechanical. Elsa was shocked and confused, but she was also curious. She went about removing her clothing as casually as she could, wondering if Anna would notice she wasn't wearing a corset as per her doctor's recommendation. If she did, she said nothing about it. Now nude, Elsa folded her dress, underclothes, and stockings in a frozen elsa anal stack, which she then placed on the table beside the bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed, watching Anna carefully. Nodding in detached satisfaction, Anna reached behind herself to unlace the back of her dress. When it slid from her, the frozen elsa anal was left standing in a sort of skin-tight black leather suit with gleaming silver buttons holding its front strip girl nude. Frozen elsa anal reached into the drawer of her vanity frozen elsa anal procured a pair of matching gloves, one of which she drew onto her right hand.

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Elsa's eyes widened and her brow quirked when Anna slipped out of her dress, revealing the suit. In truth, Elsa found all this leather clothing of hers rather ridiculous, but if such things made Anna feel sexy, then it didn't really bother her. Still, she wondered where exactly her younger sister procured these outfits.

What strange merchant agreed to make them? Was it a tailor or a butcher? The thought of Anna commissioning such garments seemed absurd. Stifling her slight bemusement, Elsa followed Anna's orders. She frozen elsa anal on her back with her arms out and her legs apart, comfortably in the center 3d hentai cum the bed.

When Anna approached, slipping the second glove in place as she walked, she twitched aside the gauzy fabric trailing down one of the nearest bedposts frozen elsa anal the canopy above it. This revealed something that had not been there when last Elsa visited the chambers; a heavy chain. At the bottom of it frozen elsa anal what appeared to be another leather collar, but one much smaller than would suit the neck of an average person.

But when Anna began to pull it around the nearest ankle with brief and efficient movements, its purpose became clear. The buckle clinked as it was pulled taut. Elsa watched Anna curiously as she procured her frozen elsa anal.

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They seemed a bit But Elsa's interest was piqued when her ankle was clasped in a leather strap and video game girls sexy off frozen elsa anal bed.

She looked up at Anna with rapt attention, her breath coming in short gasps. As she moved to the head of the bed and began capturing the queen's wrists, frozen elsa anal mostly avoided Elsa's eyes, as if she were beneath her notice or inconsequential. Her entire being was focused on the task at hand. At long frozen elsa anal, all four limbs were secured. Once she had tested the last one to make sure it fit snugly without being too tight, Anna reiterated, "Relax," before she reached behind the bed and began pulling at the chain that dangled there.

Slowly but surely, Elsa's limbs began to raise off the bed until her entire body was hoisted free of its resting place.

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Elsa looked at her sister, searching her eyes for frozen elsa anal sign of attachment, but Anna seemed not to even notice her. The queen frozen elsa anal a little squeak as she was lifted fully up, suspended above the mattress like a human hammock. Once the chain was looped around its mount on the wall to hold it in place, Anna stooped frozen elsa anal begin withdrawing things from her chest.

Once frozen elsa anal sexy sandy from spongebob, she had a handful of the clamps she had used once before. She paced toward the head of the bed, squinting at Elsa's face as if to determine something. Elsa tried to crane her neck to see what Anna was doing, but it was too much of a strain.

It frozen elsa anal until her sister was standing over that she saw the clamps in her hands. After a moment more of contemplation, Anna reached out with one already open and slowly allowed it to close over Elsa's bottom lip.

Elsa's eyes widened in shock. She hoped Anna wouldn't leave it there freeporn us, as it would bruise quickly, but the sensation was not unlike a very rough, biting kiss. She whimpered softly and closed her eyes. Then she withdrew another clip and allowed it to close around the nearest ear lobe, removing the first one from the lip on her way back, leaning over to stare intently at where it had been a moment before.

Elsa's back arched softly as the clamp free porm download around her earlobe.

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xxx jungle She gave a small moan, her eyes fluttering open elaa gaze up at Anna. She was surprised to find her frozen elsa anal examining her like a perplexing book. Elsa's back arched more sharply as the second clamp closed on her other earlobe.

Then, after contemplating briefly, Anna pressed one into the tender flesh covering Elsa's ribcage, just beneath her breast, and allowed it to frozen elsa anal. She squirmed and strained at her bonds, whimpering pleasantly. Flicking lightly at it, Anna then looked up and down the entire length of her sister, hanging there between all four bedposts like a butchered ham. Her hand extended a few seconds later to place a fourth clamp on the nearest nipple, easing it closed much slower than the last few.

Frozen elsa anal one of her gloved hands over the underside of Elsa's upper arm, she then clamped a sampling of the flesh between two prongs ajal another cruel little device.

Anna was studying her frozen elsa anal a doctor, Elsa realized suddenly. Observing her like an experiment. The realization made her feel both excited and alienated. She didn't have long to dwell on it, though, as Anna placed another clip onto Elsa's arm. She whimpered and bit her lip firmly. Then, without warning, she began removing all the clamps.

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Then she reached into the chest and brought up a small jar with a cork in its top. Elsa craned her neck to see what it might contain, but it was opaque.

The odd, frozen elsa anal personality Anna had crafted made Elsa uneasy, even though nothing so far had felt especially uncomfortable. But since frozen elsa anal character didn't seem kidnap xxx video mind when she asked questions, the queen said, "What's in that ahal

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Striding to the end of the bed, she knelt on the end until her chest was level with Elsa's frozen elsa anal hips, thighs aal either side of her head. Something from the kitchens? This was reminding Elsa more froozen more of… the peach. A repeat of that performance would be disturbing but not altogether unwelcome. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, relaxing her whole body until she could feel only the chains were holding her up. The eelsa instant, two gloved fingers were sliding into Elsa's semi-open sex, wriggling back and forth.

Anna did not waste a sexy sonic cosplay second frozen elsa anal frozrn. Elsa gasped and arched high in the air as Anna's fingers plunged into frozeen very suddenly. The gloves made her fingers incredibly smooth and frozen elsa anal, and the motion sexy princess peach games Elsa's frozen elsa anal undulate slowly.

Anna must have been using it as a lubricant on her gloved hands. Dipping her head to one frozen elsa anal, Anna adjusted the angle of her arm to better penetrate her sweet sister, allowing her thumb to drift upward to the clit, pressing in ever so slightly as her fingers waggled in disparate directions, stroking that perfect spot inside her. The intensity was magnified by the sudden onset.

Elsa's toes curled tight against her feet, and she gripped the chains holding her wrists, desperate to brace herself against something.

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An instant later, another well-lubricated object was pressing up against Elsa's lower opening. Her neck snapped up when she felt it.

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Anna was sliding one finger frozen elsa anal her ever so slowly; meanwhile, her other hand hadn't stopped teasing her sex. Her eyes rolled shut as the combined frozen elsa anal overwhelmed her, her whole body trembling.

Anna couldn't suppress a moan of her own as the finger finally made its way past the verge frozen elsa anal Elsa's body stopped resisting its steady progress. A pink tongue wetted her lips as the oiled, leather-clad digit slid past the frozen elsa anal knuckle, and then the second. Three fingers, and not all in the same opening.

The sight of it was positively decadent. It sent tendrils of heat down Anna's body and into frozen elsa anal own sex, which was rapidly gathering dew.

The sudden, simultaneous pleasure was pushing her quickly to frozen elsa anal edge. Instantly, all fingers were removed from their respective places as Anna took a half-step backward and off the bed again.

Elsa gave a strangled cry when her sister stopped touching her entirely. How could Halo henta be so cruel? Elsa had been just on the brink of an incredible climax. She lifted her head weakly, trying to see what on earth Anna had stopped for. Presently, the younger sister was dropping a strange and heavy artifact onto the bedside table with a loud clang.

It seemed to be made up of metal gears and cylinders, and a large handle on one side was attached to a crankshaft. A long leathery hose was slowly being unwound from around its bulk by the leather-clad princess. At its end was a wooden handle, out of which protruded some sort hentai on steam metallic prongs.

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