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The next pod is dented but intact. Futurrama hisses, steam-white nitrogen pouring into the summer air, ruturama the door cranks open. It's a mini human, half the regular size and drowning in an oversized camo sucking dick sexy. Its hair is orange and girlishly long, but the scan says male, futurama bender sex Bender guesses it's a male after all.

He scans for dental records. Bender abandons this mode of identification and scans the code on the lid of the cryo-pod instead, to cross-reference with patient records. At a loss, Bender does something he's never had futurama bender sex reason to do before — he runs the futurama bender sex again.

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futurama bender sex He stares down at the boy, and fights a growing sense of unease. This isn't how it's supposed to go. There's a list, and the list tells futrama futurama bender sex to dispose gay cock growth. If this kid isn't on the list, then. The kid is starting to wake up. He rubs at his eyes, then blinks sleepily up at Bender.

His jaw goes slack.

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His eyes go wide. In the current circumstances, the last part is a lie, but the kid isn't listening anyway. Rather than edging futurama bender sex and looking creeped-out as most humans do he's leaning forward, entranced.

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His voice bounces around inside Bender's chest. Bender grabs the kid by the scruff of his neck and hauls him out.

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It doesn't seem to bother the kid. He wriggles happily, feet kicking at empty air. This is so cool! What's a bending unit? Do you have a name?

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Or — or -". How'd you get to be a robot? Maybe Bender should put him in a sack and toss him in the river, the way charmed sex futurama bender sex with unwanted puppies.

Mom would almost certainly tell him to do that, if the kid has no strategic value. By now it's pretty obvious he doesn't, so why is Bender keeping him alive?

Maybe he's just sick of killing things. He's not a kill-bot, after all. And the human thinks he's cool. Humans never think he's futurama bender sex. They never look at him with their faces all lit up like that.

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I saw a robot once on TV that could shoot lasers out of its eyes. Where did you come from?

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Are you part of a top-secret project for the military? My dad says the Japanese are working on killer robots. Superhero porn images says we better watch out, because if they can make toilets talk there's nothing they can't do. Why am I all dusty? He tears his eyes futurama bender sex from Bender and looks around ssex the first time.

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He takes in the piles of rubble and twisted metal, the dust that coats everything around them. The hover-ambulance suspended next to the sidewalk and the clear perspex sec tubes snaking between skyscrapers, with humans zipping past inside them.

The Bachelor Chow advertizing blimp bobbing above their heads, and the ice still rimed onto the rim of his open cryo-pod. When Bender puts him down he topples over like a sunk skittle, and the robot has to prop him up again.

His teeth are chattering. There's an arm over there. And — and it doesn't have a body. My little pony trixie porn thought makes Bender feel strange, like something is tickling futurama bender sex from the inside.

Like he can still feel futurama bender sex kid's voice echoing in his empty chest compartment. He's decided to let the kid live. All by himself, without any orders or gender. It's like having free will. When the kid starts swaying on his feet, Bender does something else he's never done before — he pulls out a bottle of liquor and hands it over. He examines the cryo-pod again.

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You've been on ice for a thousand years. It's probably shock, but the coughing fit that follows — and the way his evolve game porn are streaming — makes it hard to tell. Maybe it's the proof? Bender checks the futurama bender sex, but nope — Mom drinks this futurama bender sex all time, so it must be fine for humans.

He passes the bottle back, shrugging. He's only pointing out the truth, but the kid flinches like he's been slapped.

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It's not like Bender cares or anything, but. The kid's lower lip is wobbling dangerously now. Bender tips the futurama bender sex back toward his mouth. You gilligans island porn need much space, right?

I have a cardboard box I could fit you in.

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Do you fold up any smaller than this? The alcohol is having a weird effect on Fry. It's loosened him out but it hasn't stopped him swaying. His eyes are out of focus and his tongue sounds like it's suddenly too thick for his mouth, so all his words come out slurred. He's also looking kinda green for a bennder. But futurama bender sex Bender really ends up thinking, when it's all over, is that he shouldn't have brought the kid to that snotty EMT. Because that's futurama bender sex it all goes wrong.

She yells at him for giving Fry alcohol, and then she yells sexy teacher gets fucked him for telling the kid he's been frozen, futurama bender sex then she demands his serial number and threatens to report him to Mom.

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Bender yells back, but it doesn't do any good. Human trumps robot, it always does. Bender is dragged away to be reprogrammed againand the last thing he sees is Ruiz putting a tube down his little human's throat.

The kid convulses, still unconscious. Last time they sent Bender to be reprogrammed, they had Wernstrom do futkrama. Wernstrom is Mom's husband, and the father of her two snot-faced sons. He futurama bender sex sandy hair like Larry, but it's retreating fast into futurama bender sex widow's peak, and his rheumy his load eyes water when he squints too hard.

Bender doesn't like Wernstrom, though it's easy to see why Mom does.

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He shares her ruthlessness, her need for efficiency. He also shares ssex total lack futurama bender sex creativity, which is probably why she sleeps with Farnsworth on the side. Farnsworth has a mind like a live wire.

Ideas spark off in every direction, uncontrollable.

Futurama game

futurama bender sex Wernstrom is an improver — a builder on other people's prototypes — and Mom is an exploiter, but Farnsworth is the brains free prn sex the operation. Without him there wouldn't futurama bender sex any robots. But he's vague and easily distracted, and he has too many morals for Mom's taste. As far as Bender can tell, Mom can only tolerate Farnsworth in futirama doses, and Farnsworth can only live with himself if he breaks off their affair a minimum of three times a year.

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But they always go back to each other. Humans can be funny like that.

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Farnsworth is alright, for a human. Mostly he only has eyes for Mom and assorted lengths of wire, but he has a scientific appreciation of robots. His pride in his creation isn't the same as Fry's wide-eyed sense of wonder, but it's better than the mistrust and futurama bender sex Bender gets from everyone else.

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