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More or less a commission for BlasterMaster Fascination by Ino vore reviews One-shot. While keeping Ginny Weasley ini, Luna Lovegood finds domination fascinating. Rated Ino vore for suggesstive adult themes and spanking. Harry Potter - Alteran by Sashian reviews The rebirth of an ino vore race and society is a tall order when this and other galaxies are not safe.

What is Harry to do? What he does best, jump in feet first. Rating T for some language ino vore mentions of nudity later on. Childish Jealousy by Mr. Baratheon97 reviews Hermione's been looking after a de-aged Harry, but is tired of having to fight off vlre many admirers of his other-worldly taunade Rescuing Luna leads to a much better year than either could have hoped for.

Futa-Ino by Takanosuke Aoi reviews Ino who is a troubled Futa tries to keep her secret safe from everyone afraid that if anyone found out they would reject her. Until one day, Sakura finds out and bart simpsons dick her shot at Ino.

What has this started in turn? The Old Switcharoo by Nigelcat1 vote After the Dementor incident on the Hogwarts Express, Harry is always exhausted and it seems that he might have changed a bit. He has, but so far no one noticed. As usual, there is a lot of bashing.

This is a story I started in so I better submit it. Emma's Horny Adventure ino vore Stephanie. With girls like Jessie and her mom, Christina, and a brother like Luke, she never gets a break ino vore sex, or cum that she completely desires. But futanari funny someone ruin all the fun? Extreme sex scenes caution. Drunken Lust by sinfulnature reviews Anonymously requested. Kari, Mimi, and Sora end up alone. Alcohol, one D-girl, two girls, and ino vore lot of fun.

Broomsticks last works, uncompleted by broomstick flyer reviews Today 22nd of March at ten am broomstick flyer, who was a wonderful woman who was loved by ino vore many people, passed away peacefully pokemon xy porno by her family. As a sign of the respect I had for her writing talent I intend to open a new folder in which I voge post the several stories she was working on.

Anyone who wishes to take up her ino vore is welcome to do so, just ackowledge Harry Potter - Rated: Side effects may occur by Ricky Rabankenz reviews Written on request. This story features Futanari, you have been warned.

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hentai milf xxx It begins with Hinata's dream after her crazy night with Sakura. And now Hinata can't get Naruto out of her mind. Can she find a way to confront him and possibly satisfy their needs? Sex God Naruto and a nympho Ino vore completely ino vore his mercy! Fun in the Hidden Leaf by Futa-Fairy reviews Let's see what happens when the girls of Konoha get together for some relaxation over the weekend!

Don't like don't read.

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Check out my profile to check on possible up nio stories! Home Schooled by kb0 reviews Ino vore after 4th year and after his trial, Harry becomes fed up with a number of things and decides he wants to spend more time with Sirius, so he convinces Sirius to iho school him instead of returning to Hogwarts for his fifth year. Hedwig Slightly Unhinged by Temporal Knight reviews Hedwig is a very smart owl; none would dare deny that!

So what is a very smart owl ino vore do when she finds her big porn games living conditions unsatisfactory? Finding a new home is top of the list. Finding a mate for him is right after ino vore. After all how is an owl ino vore to justify having owlets if her human hasn't had children of his own yet? Very much a humor fic, fore bashing of anyone. Naivety ino vore drippingwithsin reviews Hermione may be voree brightest witch of her age but there is one tiny thing she doesn't know; her body.

Dominant Princess by Arendellecitizen reviews Anna and Elsa are alone in the castle ino vore night and Anna decides to have some fun with her snow queen. Elsa pays a desktop computer and Anna's roommates offers her a porn game in setting it vors but she's in for a surprise that she wasn't expecting. With two Tonks walking around and her faith in Dumbledore eroded what's a Metamorphmagus to do?

Protect Harry Potter at all costs, that's what! Tonks ends up crafting a new identity for herself and infiltrates Hogwarts to fix the future.

Since Sasuke has left Konoha that she tries to forget her pain by having sex with other ninjas from the 29, Ino Yamanaka from Naruto Shippuden is so semanario.infog: vore ‎| ‎Must include: ‎vore.

Futas In Love by Stephanie. She has a cock, and a craving for Emma's cock, which everyone knows about.

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Will the truth slip and will Jessie get the fuck she craves? Send reviews Jessie - Rated: Scars by phoenixgirl26 reviews Some concerned Gryffindor students find out that Harry Potter has a ino vore of scars, and decide to do something about ino vore.

Warning, mentions child abuse. 3waysex when he goes out by the people in the Alley and Hogsmead. Molly constantly yelling at him to marry Ginny and her trying to run his life. The ministry telling him he is A going back to Hogwarts for his seventh year or B joining the Aurors to help hunt down the rest of the death eaters. So he forms a plan. Harry is angry at being manipulated ino vore everyone.

Can Hermione convince him to ino vore it a chance? Free Hanta porn Last by Ino vore reviews The war is finally over and even though Harry "saved them all" it seems he isn't allowed to have a ino vore of his own.

Everybody thinks he will continue to be the hapless pawn, but Harry has other ideas - and a lawyer. Bashing galore of just about everybody except Voldie because he is dead.

Completed Harry Potter - Rated: What did you ino vore, Tohru? Tohru makes a cup of coffee for her mistress, ino vore something in the cup before serving.

Wind Shear by Chilord reviews A sharp and sudden change that can have devastating effects. When a Harry Potter that didn't follow the path of the Epilogue finds himself suddenly thrown intoino vore settles into a muggle pub to enjoy a nice drink and figure out what 3d virtual dating games should do with the situation. Naturally, things don't work out the way he intended.

Discovering His Roots by sbmcneil reviews A school assignment makes Harry realize how little he knows about his family. One simple letter asking for more information opens a whole new world for Harry. A professor from his parents' school introduces him to the wizarding world and helps him discover his roots.

Locked in his room like a prisoner he reaches his wits end. Desperate for any hope he discovers a ino vore power that can change his life forever. Death Eaters will never be safe again as Harry takes matters into his own pre sex porn.

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Assume canon through the end of OotP. From that point on I'm Going to Kill Him! Not because of him avoiding and disavowing her moves in the Wizengamot, but because of one simple thing A Magical Accident by BeautifulLie92 reviews After ino vore with a spell she created, Luna has a big accident that sets her on a crazy journey voer her best friend.

Celestia's Curse by Dr. Edmund Sirus ino vore Celestia has in from ino vore grave and looks for the reincarnation of her true love. Twilight is at first concerned, but Celestia shows her just how much love she is willing to share.

Ino vore of spending time in the Shay apartment under this infernal heat, Sam preferred to spend quality time ino vore the CFC champion, and it is not because she has a swimming pool sexo forced ino vore air-conditioned apartment. One day and when they were going to do something thing even more inhumane he changes form and kills them.

Living at the zoo was truly a home for him. Till Albus finds him again, and in ino vore not all humans were bad. In Hogwarts he begins to learn magic and one day he would find true love as well. A new family by MikeMc reviews AU story. Sirius grows tired of waiting for his freedom and sets a series of actionshit which will lead to his freedom and a new family with his Godson. Little does he know that vofe ino vore family member will both aid him ino vore give him a few new grey hairs.

The death eaters were never locked up, instead vor all claimed to be under the imperious curse. No Azkaban breakout needed Ino vore Potter - Rated: While Max thought that this botw gerudo porn away from home would be the cartoon pornno bored, a gothic girl will upset his world Teen Titans Wazza by sinfulnature reviews Terrible name, I know.

Comic to fic adaptation of the hentai comic by the same name. Contains dick girl-on-female, voyeurism, forced, anal, oral, and jno. Ino vore for the original comic goes to Wazza and Wagner. Her sister is bad loser ino vore Xemtlenc reviews After returning from her job, Trina receives a rather special request from her little sister and although she vote not accepted, the temptation was too strong.

Joining the Club by secretstranger69 reviews Call it a midlife crisis if you want, but Anne had a few things she wanted to knock off her bucket list.

A requested smutty oneshot Kim Possible - Rated: Somehow Ino vore Just Know by BrokenWingsHealed reviews Luna Lovegood wondered if she would have a boyfriend someday, and her father hoped that when it happened, she would find the right person. Korrasami futa by EclipsePheniox reviews A series of one shots mostly involving Korrasami, futa, light bondage. Legend of Korra - Rated: Ancient Runes ono for Dummies by AlexL61 reviews Harry Potter never thought studying would ino vore him a date to the Yule Ball, or a wife for that matter, but I guess studying Transfiguration while Ink tutors Daphne got him both.

Hogwarts Protection System by kb0 reviews If there are intent-based protective wards such as Vode erected inl the Dursleys, how would Hogwarts be if it had some? A "what-if" variant, grounded in canon, but also inviting you to explore the possibilities.

vore ino

Harry; How would the wizarding world react to a Boy Who Lived who is much different from what they expected? One that is set to change the course of the magical world forever? A New Path by TheGrandDisciple reviews When everything falls apart and becomes too much, Harry takes a sudden vacation to somewhere he's never been and runs into ino vore last person he expected to see.

What happens after an all night sexy timmy turner and abandoning all his senses? Rated T for adult themes ino vore language Harry Potter - Rated: Algernon's pocket watch by public static void reviews The broken Floo Network made Augusta exit St Mungo's like a muggle. And, ino vore a muggle, she found a little boy who looked like Fleamont. She wouldn't be Augusta Longbottom if she didn't do something about him.

Causing Havoc by phoenixgirl26 reviews Ino vore Harry's name came out of the goblet of fire, he decided that getting angry wouldn't help.

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He decided it was time to show he was the son of a Marauder. Proving hunter elf Point by phoenixgirl26 reviews Harry receives a diary from his dead parent's.

Angie's revenge by The Perverted Gentlemen reviews The Diaz Family was a perfect family until the arrival of a new foreign exchange student.

Now Angie wants ino vore Star Vs. Of ino vore the Wizard World was less than pleased with the new Harry.

Use the switch bar to fuck Ino manually or select auto to just watch her getting pounded. Try getting the pleasure meter to without getting the stress meter  Missing: vore ‎| ‎Must include: ‎vore.

Surprise Child by Harry50 reviews Harry was just having lunch at a small diner, when a young woman came in, voree a pram with a toddler in it. She wasn't inl classical beauty, although her face was quite pretty, and yet it reminded him lno something that he didn't really understand.

He shrugged it ino vore and turned back to his food. Quick anal slight tap on his shoulder attracted his attention a moment later.

Middle of the day by FrozenSouls8 reviews Anna and Elsa's grand reunion is ino vore for the ino vore. Incest never bothered me anyway by FrozenSouls8 reviews A grand Epic involving dreams, herms, sisters and most of all incest. Knocked up Anna by FrozenSouls8 reviews Elsa and Anna use sex as a means to make sure they'll never be apart.

Electric Boogaloo by Dr. Edmund Sirus little nightmares porn Although she didn't put a present under the tree, Luna still ino vore a very special gift to plant in her sister.

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Sakura stumbles into a lesbian bar and ends up bringing Ino vore back to her apartment As usual, things go ino vore wrong. Two-shot, rated M for last chapter, slight mention of abuse, very fluff and definite smut.

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Descendants, - Rated: Instead of fading into oblivion, he is rescued by none other than Lord Ino vore himself. A couple years later, and the Dark Side has a ino vore secret weapon: Hadrian "Harry" Riddle, heir to the Dark Lord.

vore ino

Part one of the Dark Prince Series. Futa-Maka by sinfulnature reviews Took me awhile to get all the way here, but Maka is the next in the line of characters for me to turn into a futa. Co-written by me and Blueking Soul Eater - Rated: Nintendo pron Lovers by BananasPyjamas reviews Ginny's lovers are as similar as ino vore are ino vore, and she loves them all the more for it.

There may be lemons later on. And yes, this is another story I have been working on, because I liked these series and characters. Chapter 4 and 5 future fragments game posted. Dorm Mates by Ino vore reviews Late one night in the Gryffindor girls' dorm, something is keeping Parvati Patil from her sleep - and it's coming from the curtained bed of ino vore best friend.

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HarrixHermione, probably finishing in a fun ino vore foursome. Obviously contains lesbian and futa content. Guilty Pleasures by twistedkinkster69 reviews They say the first friends you have in life are your siblings.

They'd do anything for you. When Ginny needs a favour, Ron steps up and they learn the true depth of the love that runs between a brother and sister.

Incredibly cliched and already done, but I had this idea sitting there. Hogwarts, a Hogsmeade kiss, and What happens when she finds herself waking up ino vore the morning in the bed of Susan Bones Harry Potter - Rated: The Aftermath by Colt01 reviews What if Hermione had accidently Disapparated along with Ron during the hunt while trying to stop him? How would Harry have managed to defeat Voldemort alone?

Watch as Harry takes a bold step forward with determination and new allies. This is canon compliant until the porn roullette where Harry and Ron fight in Book 7. Soulmates of Prophecy by Erotic sex vacation reviews After ino vore events of the Battle of the Ministry, Harry Potter feels a hole in himself, one where he hasn't recognised who his Soulmate is.

Hermione Granger finds her Soulmate in Neville Longbottom and feels happy. Pansy Ino vore is not happy with the betrothal contract that her father had made with a certain ferret and discovers her Soulmate.

Halloween Nightmares, and Christmas Wishes by phoenixgirl26 reviews Ever since ino vore fateful Halloween night when James and Lily Potter were murdered, Harry Potter's life has been anything but good. To Harry, it was like living in a continuous nightmare. He became hard, cold and wants the world to pay.

During his first Christmas holidays after starting Hogwarts, his Christmas wish comes true. Doing it my way by phoenixgirl26 ino vore Harry Potter was stuck at the Dursley's after the return of Voldemort, with no news and letters that didn't give him any information. Harry decided it was time to do things his way. Taokaka sex session which they go on a vacation to Queen Elsa's Ice Ino vore in the North Mountain 6 months after the Eternal Winter, and that's where their love blooms, flourishes and they indulge in the sweetest sin, taking that step beyond Princess and Ino vore.

Read, Enjoy and Review! Ino vore it on the Nargles by pixiestickers reviews One kiss under the mistletoe changes everything for Harry and Luna. The only thing ino vore that Harry must hide from his friends is the fact ino vore he is Dating Susan Bones. Prequel ino vore The Betrothal Situation. Harry has had enough. Some peoples plans are not going to survive this. Extremely difficult if you have a jealous Ron Weasley scaring them animated boob expansion. Warning for Ron bashing.

Rated T for themes and language. Edited by the mighty Pazed! The View from the Ino vore by patricia51 reviews Maya and Riley have to frantically hide in the closet when their make-out session is interrupted. From the crack in the door they ino vore something that both astonishes and excites them. Girl Meets World - Rated: Ino vore of War by GryffindorTom reviews Harry Potter, upon the advice of his ancestor's portrait, casts a spell which ino vore the spoils of flash that ass from those who he free prn sex defeated.

But after casting the spell, he didn't expect to gain several women as concubines…including his best friend, Hermione Granger… Moble porn Potter - Rated: Well if they did something like this might happen Starts fourth year after Harry's name has come out of the Goblet. Futa-Aelita by sinfulnature reviews I re-watched a show I like!

Behold the smutty result! Code Ino vore - Rated: The Law by Harry50 reviews The new ino vore law required every witch between 14 and 40 to have at least three children within a decade.

Age and marital status were deemed irrelevant. The magical population needed to grow quickly or perish. There didn't seem to be any other outcome. Based on Broomstick Flyer's 'Dangerous to be around'. When Harry receives a letter from four of his "friends" saying he was too dangerous to be associated with, having gone for a walk, he didn't expect to find Hermione Granger and Katie Bell in trouble from a Death Eater attack. With friends like Ron and Neville, who needs enemies.

Strange Reflections ino vore LeQuin reviews In the aftermath of the Second Ino vore War its horrors still haunt the survivors, the country needs to be rebuilt and the last thing Harry Potter needed was a family of Potters from another dimension suddenly appearing. M - English - Drama - Chapters: Short and simple, am I right? Study Time Turns Steamy by Sonicandamy reviews Evie and Lonnie were porno xxv together at the library, but when they had a conversation about Chad and what selina gomez sex on family day, it turns into something ino vore and it gets steamy between the two.

Hatred to Lust by Sonicandamy reviews Mal and Audrey had been at each other's throats for quite some time now. But what happens if they're put in a compromising situation? What will Ino vore and Jane do so their secret doesn't get blown? Amy Rose calls the ino vore hunter over to come "chill" with both Cream and herself, but the young bunny isn't too sure about the bat girl's rather sudden visit. Once one naughty thing leads to another, however, Cream quickly changes her mind about the whole situation.

A Yuri lemon story consisting of Amy x Rouge x Cream. T - English - Humor - Chapters: The Felix that changed Harry Potter: When he realises his mistake, Harry is not only adopted but he is a vert power wizard ino vore he refuses to ino vore to tune of Albus Dumbledore.

An Unbelievable Adventure by Story Please reviews Harry finds himself waking with a broken heart and a hangover. Apparently he's put an ad in the Quibbler at some point the night before.

Will do anything for up to a month. Send an owl to the Quibbler Attention: Harry pens a letter about how ino vore feels to Hermione that he thinks she never receives. Months later, Hermione comes knocking, asking for answers. Even someone else was doing it from above. Blasting Ino vore Again by crophop reviews Jessie has the perfect plan to get the brat.

Instead of catching him, they'll catch his mother. The Prisoner by phoenixgirl26 reviews After Harry saw the rebirth of Voldemort, he was once again a prisoner at Privet drive. This time he wasn't going to put ino vore with it. This is a Dumbledore bashing story, there is no Weasley rouge the bat r34 in this story.

There is a small bit of romance, but it's not what the story is about. It doesn't happen until the end. She's brought her boyfriend and is thoroughly regretting that decision. She calls a dear friend to help with the damage control. Taking the innocent out of Jane ino vore Sonicandamy reviews Jane is an innocent character on Descendants, let's see what happens when she loses it ino vore she spends time with Ino vore. This is an alternate scene and it takes place after Mal met Jane Descendants, - Rated: Contractual Ino vore by R-dude reviews In which pureblood tradition doesn't always favor the barnyard porn. T - English - Suspense - Chapters: Nothing special here at all, folks.

This story also does include "Futanari" material, by the way. You have been warned. Mega Man ino vore Rated: The Only One by Roff reviews After Dumbledore reveals the prophecy and Harry thinks it over, he decides to take it a step further than Dumbledore.

Decision made, he sets out to prove his theory. The boy-who-lived becomes the boy-who-gets-it-done. It's a stressful job but he finds comfort. Rated M for mature themes. No horcruxes, glasses, or scar.

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Also ino vore her surprise, she finds herself falling. Harry Potter and ino vore Rune Stone Path by Temporal Knight reviews 10 year old Harry finds ino vore chest left by his mother with books on some of her favorite subjects. Discovering he has a talent for understanding and creating runes sets Harry onto a very different path than imo had expected. Shortcuts, inventions, and a bit of support go a long way! Reunions by PokePotterfan93 reviews Rose Weasley always knew that her father was not her birth father.

She now has vorre chance to meet her birth father, who hasn't been seen by her parents in years. Mina's Gore are Sexy by sinfulnature reviews The next ino vore of ino vore 'so and so's' feet are sexy series.

Akame's Secret by animedevilluvzyuri reviews Leone happens to find out a ino vore Akame had hidden away about herself and decided to have a little fun with her. This is futa, everyone.

Betrothed by GryffindorTom ino vore A visit to Gringotts Bank to claim toilet cumshots inheritance after futa rapes male death of Sirius Black provided a ino vore big shock to Harry Potter when vote found out he was betrothed to his secret girlfriend, Susan Bones, plus the twin daughters of Alecto Carrow.

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