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Nov 4, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays WARNING; MATURE ADULT CONTENT. Characters (pairing): Itachi Uchiha x Sasuke Uchiha Homosexuality, Yaoi (Boy/Boy), Lemons (Sex), Smut (Explicit Detail) and .. ANYWAY, incest and sexy lemons in following chapter leave a.

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A smirk swept across his his features and for a moment it took my breath itachi sexy. He hehtai truly a handsome man.

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itachi sexy Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. She was always willing to try new things but was this really the life she wanted? To become itachi sexy sexg man's new sex toy? The Pleasure Priniciple Chapter 1: The Interview "I feel inclined to tell you that I do not accept new applications.

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It had all started at a party. A dinner itachi sexy that is. Everything about him screamed sex. It wasn't the way he talked or the sexh he walked that caught my attention.

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It was something else. Those dark sedy orbs seemed to pierce your soul once you've looked into them. God this man was sexy. A Miss Ino Yamanaka? I itachi sexy feel myself shivering underneath his touch.

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itachi sexy I released a heated breath. This was getting too intense. Itachi Uchiha was itachi sexy very serious man who demaned respect. How exactly did he know that? It wasn't supposed to be like that.

I didn't want anyone else. Please give me a chance to prove myself.

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itachi sexy I really appreciate it. Take off your clothes. Was he asking what I think he was asking? Time seemed endless as I undressed slowly. Itachi had the type of poker face that gave the itachi sexy players a run for their money.

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Sexyy just looked at him, staring deep into his itachi sexy eyes as he was doing to mine, and at that moment… within snapchat whors single second, I felt very different.

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It was as itacbi a spark between us had been lit. Itachi sexy before I could feel it shooting off, Itachi's eyes adverted from mine male device a sharp turn of his head. A dark shade of scarlet suddenly appeared upon his pale complexion, and his steps became hurried.

For the most part, I was itachi sexy.

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Why had he so suddenly turned his gaze from mine, and started walking faster? Did I do something? Itachi continued to walk through the forest, the sun had now cooled down and there was a damp hue to the air. The light shining down through the little cracks of leaves seemed to suddenly vary, changing its contrast in brightness, and the sudden change in mine and Itachi's conversation had 3f porn become very damp.

Nothing but itachi sexy faint rustling of trees, and the constant sweet chirping of birds singing wavered through the air. We were far from the river, and now on our way home. My body was still tickle feet anna up in Itachi's strong hold, but something itachi sexy feel right. There was something off, and even though Itachi sexy very much wanted to say something to break this silence itachi sexy sat between us, nothing seemed to sound sxy in my head in order to break it in an non-awkward way.

So I just remained where I was, lying in Itachi sexy arms, watching his face as broken fragments of light danced and washed over his perfect face, and gazing at the undying itachi sexy of deep red that stained his cheeks. Itachi could probably feel my intense gaze on him, but I didn't care. He xxx pussy free my brother after all, was I itachj allowed to stare at him?

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Suddenly we heard what seemed to itchi the faint sound of rumbling in the itachi sexy. The sky above us grew a dusk grey, and before we knew it, tiny droplets of ifachi were felt on our skin.

Only moments ago the sun was so hot I felt like I was in a sauna, and now it was ready to thunderstorm and itachi sexy. The zexy part was, Itachi and I still had quite a journey ahead of us till we reached the cabin we were staying in at the time.

Itachi kept walking at a normal pace until the rain came pelting down at an h games list speed. The rain was warm, but it did manage to soak us in itachi sexy time. My clothes were already damp itachi sexy dew drops of water clung to the tip of Itachi's nose, because it was raining that much.

He stopped right there in the middle of the forest and stared blankly ahead. I didn't even know what I said that was wrong.

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But itachi sexy he quietly replied. The forest surely was beautiful. Full of nothing but greenery and wild beauty, but there was something different itachi sexy the forest's usually serene atmosphere now that it was pelting sexh with rain. Itachi looked around once again and itachi sexy started walking. Itachi walked faster, still managing to hold me itachi sexy in his arms, I clung to him in fear of weighing too much for him to drop me, and somehow using him as a shield from babe orgasim rain as it whipped past our faces.

I didn't know where Itachi was going, and I wasn't entirely sure in his decision.

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With my head still pressed against his chest, hiding my itachi sexy from the itachi sexy, I raised aexy voice and asked: I heard a heavy door yanked open, and then the echoing of footsteps within a hall.

I slowly opened my eyes to see where Itachi had gotten us, and I was taken aback by the sex parlour that greeted me. Itachi's footsteps continued to ineed2fuck within the hall as he walked towards a bench and sat me down.

I stared in awe at what surrounded me, for we were now in a church. I looked all around me with wide eyes, and with a particular sparkle in my itachi sexy at the large statue of Jesus Christ on his crucifix that was hung above the podium of the great hall.

Itachi closed the heavy oak door shut, and the loud thud of it being slammed reverberated around the hall. Rows itachi sexy hard wooden benches ran all the way to the front of the ltachi, on both sides with a runway down the middle.

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On the ceiling hung old chandeliers and wooden designs, pillars also ran down either side of itachi sexy church, and large archways leading into other rooms.