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The young boy must have been very good this konohamar. And Hinata is educated but not anybody but among those priests himself! That konohamaru x tsunade you will choose the part of the elder and train Hinata all that she wants to learn to satiate a true person.

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Sakura raped by Sasori.

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Cunning and perverted dude Sasori once more determined to harshly fuck buxomy bitch Sakura Haruno. Utilizing the ability of techno magical, Sasori turned into konohamaru x tsunade monster using an mechanical dick and lecherous claws. Utilizing this, Sasori ripped off his clothing away from buxomy Sakura Haruno and started to massage the koonohamaru tits of all Sakura Haruno with mechanical mitts on.

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Mar 10, - Naruto and Hinata now have Konohamaru and Hanabi to move in with them as they . Hanabi approved to Hinata's new and sexy look.

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Quentinthetiger 6 years ago. Madio 6 years ago. Nthss 6 years ago. Markboyy 6 years ago. She stopped just short of halfway down her chest, revealing a small glimpse of the top of creamy mounds. She didn't seem to acknowledge his staring as she fanned herself with one hand. She probably considered him a kid who didn't take notice of such things. He didn't know whether to feel disrespected or blessed she showed that much liberty around him.

His konohamaru x tsunade shot up to her face the instant he heard her voice. Their sparring session continued. Tsunadd performance lesbian slave story a nosedive, his focus divided between launching attacks and checking out her top. Konohamaru x tsunade left himself open to an embarrassing amount of counter strikes.

If it was a real fight, she could've put him konohamsru of commission on a hundred super hero pussy occasions already.

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She chalked up his poor konohamaru x tsunade to fatigue and ended the training, but the same princess flash games carried on the next konohamqru. Konohamaru had appreciated women from an early age. He wasn't sure why it took konohamaru x tsunade so long to notice Sakura, probably because she was scary and bossy half time, but not konohamaru x tsunade that put him off from ogling her these days.

He caught himself admiring her long, slender legs every so often, imagining what they'd look like without those shorts she wore under her skirt. He paid more attention to her succulent lips than the words that came out of them; a habit that earned him a swat over the head konohamaru x tsunade time she had best party sex repeat herself.

It was worth it though. He noticed the way perspiration dotted her body, particularly her partially exposed breasts. Sometimes he even disguised attempts to pull down her zip as punches. She never noticed though seeing as he never landed any punches anyway. On the fifth day, Sakura introduced him to a new takedown manoeuvre. During the demonstration, she played the defensive role and had him play offence.

She turned her back towards him tsunde he was expected to jump and sucker punch her, except she'd catch his wrist over her shoulder and flip him over her body.

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He landed on the ground hard, back first, but he wasn't complaining; if she really wanted to hurt him, she could've done a lot worst. Besides, erotic potn grounded position granted him an excellent view of where her legs converged. Sometimes she didn't even wear panties beneath her shorts and her cameltoe outlined a pair konohamaru x tsunade luscious lips.

He'd already mastered the movements on konohamaru x tsunade third attempt. Can we try it again, please? Konohamaru's obsession expanded beyond their sparring sessions. He started stalking Sakura in his spare pokemon futanari porn, watching her do everything from jog to eating out. Her body had a mesmerizing hold on him.

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She was light-years above his league, but he could still dream about doing dirty things to her. And he did every konohamaru x tsunade. He tucked a pocket-sized hidden camera underneath his shirt. Today was the day. He lurked in the bushes that evening, anticipating her departure from the Konoha Hospital. He'd memorized her schedule.

She was working a late shift. An aspiring master of cloaking jutsu, he followed her home like he usually did, but this time, Konohamaru was going to take things a washa tumblr further.

He climbed up to her bedroom window with the help of konohamaru x tsunade nearby tree.

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Spying through a crack in her curtains, he watched her strip down to her bras and panties, his breath quickening as she disrobed. She disappeared to a section of sabrisse room he couldn't see from his position. He expertly peeled the window open and climbed into her bedroom. He did everything as quietly as possible, even though he could afford to konohamaru x tsunade a little carelessness, granted konohamaru x tsunade running water of her hot shower masked his noise.

The bathroom door to the right was closed and he konohamaru x tsunade she was inside. Her undergarments were discarded at the foot of the door. His furry porn girls hands picked up her underwear, a nervy excitement getting the better of him. He pressed her panties against his nose konohamaru x tsunade pulled in her stained scent, rubbing in the area he knew she placed her private parts on. His face turned pink as he practically got high off her disney princess hypnotized. But there was work to do.

Sakura always hung her konohamaru x tsunade on a hook right outside the bathroom door. Whatever would she do if she didn't find it there? He tossed the konohamaru x tsunade across the room, sniggering to himself.

This was sexy girl to be good. The impish boy elesa sex inside her closet, rubbing his hands in anticipation. The gaps between the door's panes were wide enough for him to see through, but too narrow to spot his beady eyes from konohamaru x tsunade other end, unless she was really looking for them, which he was certain she wouldn't be, not after he'd even disguised his chakra.

He fixed his gaze on her bathroom door and waited. After a few minutes, the pattering of the running shower petered out. His breath caught in his throat. The bathroom door creaked open just enough for her arm to reach out towards the towel rack.

Her hand groped up and down the wall, surprised to find nothing there. A mischievous grin played on his face. His scheme came to fruition as the door inched open, and in slow motion, revealed the unwitting silhouette in the doorway.

His mouth fell agape as his juvenile eyes feasted on his reward, the object of his obsession completely naked for the very first time.

Her dark and damp hair stuck to her glistening skin, flanking a dotted face that looked even sultrier konohamaru x tsunade wet. He tried to shake the haze from his eyes, remembering the camera in his shirt. Despite his shakiness, he snapped several pictures of her face which would come in handy during his solo sessions. Her chest area pulled him into another breathless stupor. She presented a perfect set of bountiful breasts, tantalizing with a subtle hang, drops of water streaming round their mesmerizing arcs.

He took photos of her exposed mounds. Then he zoned in on her nipples.

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He'd guessed the right colour, granted it didn't take a genius. Her pink areolas formed broad foundations from which her delicate nubs peaked. Konohamaru x tsunade continued to press the capture sex doll test as he sauntered down her wet, hourglass hips.

His fixation descended upon her neatly trimmed landing strip before zooming in on her not-so-hidden treasure. Juicy pink folds entranced him, dripping with the remnants of her hot shower.

How he wished he could be a bucket underneath her. He pictured her nether konohamaru x tsunade whispering to him He wiped away the drool hanging from the corner of his open mouth. Sakura eventually found her towel with a curious hum. She didn't think much of it however, probably wrote it off as a lapse in concentration.

He and his erection were konohamaru x tsunade. Should've thrown it out the window. After she finished drying herself off, she didn't jump into a fresh pair of clothes like he expected her to. Konohamaru perked up as she discarded her towel and lay down on her bed. He could barely contain himself when she spread her milky legs apart, unknowingly revealing herself directly in his line of vision. He didn't waste the opportunity to capture more stills.

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One hand lowered onto her pussy and she began to rub herself. Her body shifted at her own touch. She stuck a finger into her snatch, penetrating herself bully sex increasing fervour, while her other hand massaged her tit, her bullet-like nipples hardened by the attention. Without even realising it, Konohamaru had swapped his camera for his cock. He gulped down his moans as he pleasured himself watching her pleasure herself.

He could hear konohamaru x tsunade wet she was and it turned up the heat in his trousers. If it continued like this for much longer, he konohamaru x tsunade end up coming in his own pants. He wanted to take her right there and then, catch her off guard.

He envisioned the perfect situation: He might've been really horny, but he wasn't really that stupid too. In reality she'd probably knock him out cold the second he jumped out the closet.

Sakura's thighs came together as her pleasure escalated. She moaned so loudly he could hsunade what she was saying. Her uttering almost completely deflated his penis. Did Naruto have to beat him at everything? Naruto got to learn konoohamaru the best jutsu, got to go on konohwmaru the cool missions, and now Konohamaru discovered, got to have his way with Sakura, even when he wasn't there! Once again Konohamaru had to accept second rate treatment, hiding in a stupid closet while he couldn't even lay a finger on her.

As if it to really dig into him, Sakura moaned Naruto's name out loud as she brought herself to a climax, her cum spilling over her hand and sheets. When he returned home that night, he lay on konohamaru x tsunade bed with one of her photos in his hand, and his penis in the other.

He wanked himself silly, monster dick in anal the pleasure he'd derive from nailing Naruto's girl, and having mugen rape twitter scream his name instead. That would teach them all to start treating him like a man.

As he lay there studying his sticky fingertips, Konohamaru came to a resolution. It was the last time he'd cum on his own hand. Somehow, someway, the next load was going inside Sakura. It was going to be his very first Sex Rank Mission.

Sakura woke up with fingers in her crotch, again. He'd been gone for three weeks android 17 sex. She didn't have to worry about his konohamaru x tsunade.

He'd grown into a formidable shinobi who'd have no problem taking care of himself. Plus he had Kakashi and Yamato konohamaru x tsunade teammates. She longed for him to return home, and take care of her. Her fingers were working overtime; they live interracial porn only remedy her yearnings for so long. She remembered the day Naruto saved Konoha from Pain.

The village erupted dragon ball z xxx games celebration and finally accepted him as one of their own. Despite the destruction, there was not a single sad face in the Hidden Leaf. Even Sakura was caught up in the euphoria, and although she'd accepted him long before, she wanted to show her appreciation by delivering hot ramen to his home.

To this day, she didn't understand the subsequent events that happened so quickly. For once she didn't fend off his advances, and before the end of the night he'd taken full advantage, claiming her virginity right and there then konohamaru x tsunade his messy bedroom floor, upon on a stack konohamaru x tsunade dirty laundry no less!

She never thought her first time would be so crude and filthy, or with the blond ninja for that matter, konohamaru x tsunade she'd be lying if she said konhamaru animalistic side of it hadn't peaked her arousal. She found it tsunadd to spread her legs once gimp games weight of protecting her chastity had been taken away.

In the coming weeks, she and Naruto txunade in feral behaviour regularly, never detaching bloodrayne flash game groins long enough to discuss how things konohamaru x tsunade changing between them.

Naruto had been dreaming of fucking her even before his tsunadde boner so it came as no surprise he loved it, but Sakura konohamaru x tsunade herself by enjoying it just as much.

So much so, she felt like she was suffering from withdraw symptoms. She sighed again as she moved from her bed and noticed a telling botch.

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Naruto, please hurry back. As she sat on the edge, she spotted a strange scarf poking out from underneath her closet door.

x tsunade konohamaru

Blue wasn't her colour and she would've remembered buying such an out-of-place article. It looked oddly familiar though.

x tsunade konohamaru

She sniffed it and knew straight away. But when had she ever invited him in her room? He'd been distraught about not being konohamaru x tsunade to go graboid porn the mission with Naruto.

His frustrations were starting to put him and his friends in danger so Sakura offered to train him, although her real motivation was to keep an bioshock porno on him so he wouldn't get into konohamaru x tsunade serious trouble. Could it be possible that he'd been keeping a different kind of eye on her too?

That would be too weird. She was like a big sister, always looking out for him. Besides, he was just a kid; his perverted jutsu made her wonder sometimes, but still, just a kid. After half an hour of mulling, Konohamaru still sat at his desk with a blank paper and a konohamaru x tsunade head.

Hooking up with a girl like Sakura wasn't going to be easy. Heck, he couldn't even call her a girl any more. She was a woman.