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Sep 9, - To bookmark this game, press Ctrl+D. Krystal. Fantasy. Boob Size. Zero-Suit. Pokemon. Mario Kart The Legend of Zelda: Song of Sex.

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Male device Aran - Metroid Collection 11 min Nintendo wi fi trainer 6 min Forest of the Blue Skin Version 1. Daisy Goes Anal 3 min Lok Samus AranPrincess Peach 6 min 1.

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Kuri Goomba by Minus8 5 min 1. Peach Pov 1 min 30 sec Super Princess Bitch 3 min Flash porn games should be preserved as art once flash stops being used. Wanna see something cool then?

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My phone wont let me copy paste it. Adobe will stop supporting flash inso I think Which is sad What will happen to the flash games after? Are they just gonna disappear?

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My guess is you can still download missinf player from 3rd party sources to play old games, but no new flash games will be created. That's what I hope for at least.

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Can someone just finish the mod where it has that but a trap instead of a gril? Oct 12, 6.

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Oct 20, 7. Muff DiverOct 20, Nov 22, 8.

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New version up in OP. Muff DiverNov 22, Nov 30, 9.

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Muff DiverNov 30, Dec 9, Muff DiverDec 9, ktystal Dec 16, Muff DiverDec 16, Jan 5, OrevirJan 5, Jan 6, Updated Op new version 3. Muff DiverJan 6, Jan 7, OrevirJan 7, Muff Diver likes minecraft ponr. Feb 7, Muff DiverFeb 7, mising Legend of krystal mario is missing 10, Fun little game for what it is.

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KingsRaidenFeb 10, DL link for 3. PrEziFeb 10, You os log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Also, when I went up the brick stairs to the ks up place with the pipe right in front of the castle door, when Legend of krystal mario is missing fell down, I fell through the bricks down there and random sex positions on the mushroom below them.

But anyways this is my glitch report and Suggestion to you.

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Do with it as you please. A customized version is something I look forward to!

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Keep up the developments! I found a little bug. I highly suggest dude that instead of doing this you collaborate with blargh, Once he finishes customizations, you can then start trying to add a "You can die difficulty" to lazytown porn version of the game. kryetal

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When you get into the mood leyend you add other characters later. Last edited by Ivan-Aedler on Mon Mar 05, I'm glad you liked it oh darn I didnt check the background coins I'll order all background coinboxes to not act like they're onipresent Blargh Wrote: He can do a lot of things that I can't, simply by virtue of not being committed to the same resources hentai breast suck I am.

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Also, you can get outside the level. Contact the moderating team!

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After the last "expansion" it becomes really obvious. Also, I'm impressed how smoothly it runs. Liking the plans too, as nobody has really added any new enemies or levels, other than Blargh.

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One thing I noticed: I also added spikes spines in some areas of the castle. I still need to do some tests in red platforms because Peach is falling through them at times -correction in some graphics mushroom hentaikey girl2 and toad's large legenr and some caveats in the two levels.

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But it does not 'walk alone' yet. You can test it next to the cocoon suit, in the roof.

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When I create a variable in the outside 'action area' right click menuIts not being accessed it inside the movie clip.