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She didnt won any competitions. She wasnt very beatiful and charismatic. She married an knight.

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Ok first if you ever want your duaghter princess maker 2 nudity become something other than a housewife without cheating we'll get into cheating a bit princess maker 2 nudity. Then id suggest you get her a steady job nueity you not a job that contradicts her studies So the first thing you have to have in mind scooby dooby games what you want her to be,then give her nhdity job that helps build her traits that go hand in hand with that ultimate goal.

Id say the best profession to start out with is training your daughter in fighting.

nudity 2 princess maker

And it is my recommendation that all start their first game like this. Then you would put her into farm work hint dont change her into the lumberjack cus after working at the farmers for so long they will raise your salary steadily,ive gotten mine up to 22g kisikae the end then you would need to have your daughter study fighting first obviously ,then princess maker 2 nudity also recommend magic,even though you want her to be a fighter magic is so valuable too cus its hardly possible to block a magic attack for the NPC's for some reason,minor glitch the programmers missed i guessed.

Anyways after shes good have her fight in the tournaments very easy way to earn money is through tournaments cus you earn money by every match one not princess maker 2 nudity by gettting 1st 2nd or 3rd. Then have her adventure and when shes 18 you should have her nice and built up,voila your a good father.

Its always good to remember that when your daughter is delinquent NEVER have her work also applies when shes sick cus shell get sick and if shes already sick kora porn shell possibly die. Id recommend and anal fucking free porn might think im mad but its always worked beautifully for me that you have your daughter have at least 1 part of each month as free time always make the freetime at the last part of the month and if she's really stressed out give her money to reduce it quicker.

Also a good tip for those who want a slim diet. Instead of starving her princess maker 2 nudity a weight loss or slim down diet,keep her on a normal diet There are three months that when you go on a vacation princess maker 2 nudity daughter loses weight just 3d futa porn being on vacation.

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And these three months are june july and august and maybe september cant be for sure but im almost positive that its not now keep in mind that shell only lose weight if she goes to the beach. Cus good chance that if you hit princess maker 2 nudity mountains in the princes month shell gain weight. Now to lose maximum weight have her visit the beach during those months 3 times a month for 1 or 2 months.

Princess maker 2 nudity recommend you nudkty do this unless its for one reason cus honestly cheating isnt fun in this game. SO if you want to see ALL the endings do this. Have your duaghter go to town. These 2 shops allow you do anything from getting pretty much infinite money,to buying ulimited buxomize pills nurity seeing all endings. And voila all the endings at your fingertips.

So in the name of all great games. Ok hint if you dont want a house wife then dont have her work in a resturaunt and win cooking contestsand whatnot. Ive had a girl who worked at a resturaunt the whole game become a strip anime games class prostitute. Its all about the princess maker 2 nudity. I bdsm toons tumblr jump at the chance to princess maker 2 nudity simulation games princess maker 2 nudity this, but the first time I heard of PM2 was at Something Awful I came across it again while browsing here, decided to give it a chance, and wow, I'm glad I did!

In fact I have to wonder if the Something Awful guy was even playing the same one, or if he was just on mind-altering chemicals of some sort The first time I just messed around seeing what the different choices did and wound up with a dance instructor with too low of a constitution to maaker be very successful, though the second time I started to get the hang of things and tried to make her bratty and evil.

She got arrested, stole from me to buy dresses, lazed off at work, and eventually became a prostitute. D I don't know what it says about princess maker 2 nudity that I have so much fun trying to ruin the girl's life Next time around I nkdity the Mad Eddy cheat to get money to keep her at school and on vacations tiny adventures porn having to ballarina sex. She eventually won the dance, cooking, and painting competition, occasionally worked at the caberet but still had extremely high refinement, charisma, and sensitivity, chatted with prinxess the people at the palace I admit I was hoping for a more manipulative or powerful evil sort, but from the tips I've read on this board maybe I should get the next one into adventuring?

What could you not love about this game? Many players, as I've read already, ended up loving priness princess. Same happened with me. I'm actually too soft about it and I cannot bring myself to send her nuvity the sleazy prinncess. The maksr presents features I have never seen before. I've played it over a princesa times already and I'm still missing a few endings. Princess maker 2 nudity first experience with the game was kinda princess maker 2 nudity.

I fumbled so much that she ended up in love princess maker 2 nudity me. Consider I didn't knew the game's posibilities. So after all the work I find myself with this ending saying "typical goddamn sick japanese SOBs" and turned the thing off. A few weeks later I played it again almost bored to death and MAN!

2 princess nudity maker

It was a completely different game. This time she fought and fought and adventured. spnatinet

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She became a princesx, all the same. I got kinda pissed because I couldn't beat the war god, so I played again. This time I beat him, but I became aware of the cat eye thingy princess maker 2 nudity tried to figure that out. Long story short, I played that confounded game from princess maker 2 nudity to I got maybe 3 so i guess there's a helluva lot of work ahead of me.

Maybe cause i didn't know what i was doing princess maker 2 nudity maybe i wasn't cheating y'know, call me a wimp but i can't get anywhere princess maker 2 nudity the money i'm hentai lesbians porn. A month of work gets me like a day of school and i'm supposed to rule with that progress. I cretainly laughed at the concept of what i called at the time "boob erlargment pills".

I'm the one who asked if the game would be "appropriate" for me. Well, this game is totally awesome! I'm princess maker 2 nudity glad I hentai gay game it! I'm gonna try hard to get her a lot better free porn dating this time! And are there any other requirements other than visit the prince every january to marry him?

Nuditty do you raise morality? My daughter always doesn't get married or marries cube. My other question is that a man comes around about 2 times a year and asks my daughter to dinner. The first time, she agreed to go with the man, and she pc game sex mods in love the maoer box under the gold amount for a few years.

She slept in her classes without any stress, then one day it just disappeared. So is your daughter being in love just a disadvantage, or is there an advantage to it? Oh, and when he comes now she refuses: Do princess maker 2 nudity guys have limits on images in siggies? Oh, and she had low sensitivity because my last daughter kept running princess maker 2 nudity because of it Edit: I took out the smilies Whoops if i'm a guest, but I must say, I figured this to be 'just' a time-killer, as the review said In the last 24 hours, i've spent over And I already princess maker 2 nudity to spend more time playing it.

I highly reccomend this game. Well i'm a member now, last post was my post. BTW awesome smileys you got here Last night I hacked the save states of the game, pretty much maxxed out all her stats while shes 10 years old, I can change her age so the game could last foreverAnd i can partially edit items will finish mapping their layout soon. Also found how to give tons of money.

Did anybody else here know that the programmers anal cum play in an 'invisible dress' so it actually showed her undressed?

I'm gonna make a program so that you can run it on a princess maker 2 nudity state and select whatcha want done to it, and it can princess maker 2 nudity you free items and tons of money upon will. Most of these changes can be made already by visiting Mad Eddy's shop. Maybe nuditty for the age change, I'm not princesz about that.

Of course it's more fun to have it figured out all by yourself: I have a tool, called MSG. It was specially designed to do such changes and creating stand-alone editors, so if you want you can give me your notes on what offset is responsible for what and I'll script the editor.

In the words pdincess Green Day I do most of the stuff by myself when I hack, and I can create my own programs princess maker 2 nudity stuff However come to think of it I might just work with you im lazy, dats my weakness. Lemmie type up a document I still haven't figured out the item properties, best to do is just take the data and give it as taken Though I know already how to batgirl pron an item princess maker 2 nudity to chars in length Actually there's already a build-in cheat in the game, with sex game on steam you can get all the items already, including the undressing dress, did you know that already?

Why create an editor then? But you can set the stats horny girls pussy how you want them, etc, and also, the cheats is a little buggy, ya know? Besides, you can't rename items using the in-game cheats. Very original concept; them Japanese really know how to create original games. However, I just can't seem to make enough money jaker my lil' girl. She never seems to do well at jobs, and thus I never have enough money to send her to school either.

The more she works in one job, the better she becomes. And participating in the torunaments is the source of good income. So let her study for art or fighting or dancing, and the money will slowly, but princess maker 2 nudity come.

Haha I find the cooking tournament is always easy to win i beat them by points minimum, once ma,er almost points and I get credits. As long as she works at some place, schools one time, and one free time every month, the lasts the whole year.

It can insert bytes into a file altough it princsss long to do sobut cannot shorten files. If the object records and their princess maker 2 nudity tags are of fixed lengths where after the ASCII in the name tag there are some "marker bytes"then it will all be nice and clean. Otherwise might cause certain trouble though I am quite prepared to at least TRY dealing with them. As you might know, together with Natso I am working on hacking the heart out of the savegame data If any one of you here has got princess maker 2 nudity original non-translated version of PM2, can I ask for telling me a few thing?

In particular, I'd like to ask about ;rincess data tags displayed on the following pages at Mad Eddy's: Princess maker 2 nudity more I know about this information, the more powerful the savegame editor will be in the end.

Well, so far I've finished it once with my girlie Kiyomi named her after my favourite girl in Season of Sakura, a makker Hentai game who ended up as a soldier and as the epilogue stated went on to become captain of the Forest Patrol. Right now I'm going for the second time, and my current daughter Anne has got some pretty peculiar mood swings Just what is going on here? Maybe she keeps running away to sneak off with some boyfriend I know nothing about Does she have high sensitivity?

I think that's one of the factors that makes her more likely to run away. Try having her work at some of the places that lower it.

I have not read the whole post for PM2, so I don't know if anyone wrote. If it is like that: I played the game about one year ago, after I found it at The-underdogs.

Recently, I've been playing the hell out of the Princess Maker 2 remake that hit Also, I don't mind adult content, as long as the VN in question isn't a . going to find an exact PM clone, unless I decide I'm fine with sex semanario.infog: nudity ‎| ‎Must include: ‎nudity.

I finally stopped playing because you can cheat quite easily. If princfss take a Hex Editor and compare two savegames, you will stumble about the stats for your princess eventually. Set them all to and the game is no princese at all. Also if sexy monster girls hexing, you can change the cloth of your princess including princess maker 2 nudity thing i was never able to get in the game looks like sth.

Also you can get her naked with only the necktie on I have an unfinished version of something far, FAR more advanced. The editor can change also an insane number of princess maker 2 nudity stats, but not equipment yet.

2 princess nudity maker

For running away, your sensitivity is generally over In other words, your girl has gone hippie and is makfr most of her time in a nature commune smoking nydity.

Originally posted by Yuni Teh Ebil Aug 10 P Well, every time your makee works at the church, her morality increases. It doesn't princess maker 2 nudity much but it will most of the time keep your kid decent: D Also, it reduces sin. If she has a high enough princesss, you can let her work as a tutor and this wil also increase her morals, though it princess maker 2 nudity away some charisma.

If she works at the sleazy bar however, her morals will go down!! I've experienced some times when my daughter has very 3d pornn morals, I believe over or and more, some demon will occasionaly come to you the father and say he maler on other persons morals, and as your daughter has a high moralstandard, he will offer money in exchange for morals.

It's up to you to decide what's best for your daughter of course Also, on other moments in the game, some older rich guy only 18 xxx your daughter after she comes from school or work, budity will aks her to be his 'mistress' But, if she has enough morals i believe at leastbut don't kill me if i'm wrong she world of big woman say that 'she's not that kind of girl' and will refuse Originally posted by Amayirot Akago Sep 1 Google henti her stress level DOWN!!

Send her off to town every month Also, the higher her constitution level, the more stress she can take So if you let her work for example at the farm, her constitution will raise, though princess maker 2 nudity refinement drops, but you could let her work a lot at the farm even though she stinks at it the first months!

Originally posted by TheChosen May 31 To let her work succesfully at the salon, try to raise her sensitivity first buy some poetrybooks or dolls, they increase sensitivityor let her work a couple of times at the graveyard or babysitting, this also increases her princeas So don't let her do housework princess maker 2 nudity amker efforts, because that takes sensitivity away!!

Also, she doesn't need strength, it decreases when working at the salon, so keep that in mind After a while she'll be good at being a hairdresser! Originally posted by Spookyfish Apr 15 It also has to do with the bloodtype you give your daughter If you give her type A, it nduity increase her morals every month, BUT also her stresslevel will princess maker 2 nudity up prjncess 2 points every end of the princess maker 2 nudity If you nuity her type B, will make her stresslevel go down by 2 points every end of the month So nudlty can have a happy nuudity daughter, aaaaaaaaaaawww!!

Originally posted by Shelley Oct 12 Actually, early on, time is money, town trips are princess peach flash game money.

Resource management is one of the princess maker 2 nudity to PM2, and princess maker 2 nudity and stress reduction are resources. I personally like to use dolls in the early game as stress reduction, along with historieta porno of farm and church work, in lieu of free time. My reasoning's as follows this is assuming you're trying for a high-ranking position such as Hero, Princess of Darkness or Princess maker 2 nudity Queen, or another path that requires resource management: The first year, hoarding money is necessary, though using it is not ahri popstar important.

You need to be ready to get her an education so by 12 at the oldest usually while she's 11 she begins adventuring, which is the only way to go if you want lots and lots of cash one trip into the desert, fighting skeletons at the Hell Hole, can net up to about gold.

Therefore, a doll's selling price is effectively hoarded cash.

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You need to farm to build constitution, which is probably the most snow white boobs attribute in the game affecting HP, physical resistance to stress, and Dancingas well as Strength and cash to boot. Church work is also makfr to resist stress. This, of course, takes time.

Therefore, it's normally better to spend that week you would have spent in town on farming, and doll yourself up to keep stress down. First October, you can sell kungfu sex dolls and use princess maker 2 nudity Harvest Festival to rest down that stress.

Some math to back this up. One tenday "week" from now on of farming, assuming no screwups and if she screws up a farm job, either she's starting weak or you're doing something wrong: One week free time no money involved yet: So a week of farming can effectively pay for two dolls, reducing princess maker 2 nudity by Free Time Pocket Money: Compare this to just buying a doll with that money instead: Sell all the dolls at once, while carrying a terrible burden of stress or so as high as you can get without delinquency or sicknessthen take a trip to the lake nudlty cooking lessons in the first week.

Voila, all the stress is quickly princess maker 2 nudity rid of. OPen princess maker 2 nudity zip file of princess Maker. I really lyk the PM4 ps2 ver. And, I get the last airbender porn revise my opinion on a lot of my advice. In particular, for those who are going all the way xxx fuck games Queen, early money is more valuable than late money. The reason, of course, is the Chinese Orc, who seems to come early rather than late, and provides goods otherwise unattainable except through Mad Eddy, sex on sims importantly the Demon Pendant.

This doesn't rule out dolls, of course: What it means is that dolls no longer really count as stored money, so farming is no primcess the way to stress relief: A lot of time ago, a friend of mine talk to me about this game and showed it to me. At first I thought it was some kind of girly game, and something like a pervert tamagochi. But boy, we get hooked really fast to the princess maker 2 nudity. Some time makker, I found this game and downloaded it, and I played it a lot of times, and one piece sandersonia hentai daughters where a lot of thing, from beatifull bride to general, and a lot of the magician endings.

Dec 15, - ESRB gives videos games the ratings E, E10+, T, M, or AO (Adults Only). However according to Wikipedia, "all three major video game console.

Princess maker 2 nudity loved the game. Then one day a lost a lot of CDs to the sun, and in one of them was my back-up with the game. I msker for it, but no luck. And the last week I reached this site looking for the DOS version of Colonization, and browsing the list of mwker I found it.

I couldn't believe it and I downloaded it, and againg Princess maker 2 nudity was playing it almost non stop. And the second daughter I raise, becomes something of a deception. I don't get it: But no, still she became an artist.

I really really don't understand. I believe that filthy art professor has the fault, she always looked at her in a dirty way. I think I will have a little princess maker 2 nudity with that guy Last edited by Ogami ; 28 Sep, 9: Last edited by Princess maker 2 nudity Dreemurr ; preggo toon Sep, 9: Originally posted by Ogami:.

Last edited by qestwriter ; 28 Sep, hentai tentacles fuck To get the princess ending you need her to be sensible, good at dancing, very high reputation hentai teacher fucking speak to the "secret guard" during winter, it's actually the young prince.

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