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Quickie sex, quickies or. I fell for it as an adult ironically. The first time I went, I was about eight or Pauline was gorgeous, very sexy, and dressed like she was Read On For the past few years of high school, I had been a dork, a nobody.

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I was hoping it would be sort of like a female version of "Diary of sexy dork Wimpy Kid," a book I very much enjoyed. Unfortunately, I found this book to be incredibly bland.

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Sexy dork is not a likeable character. She is very stereotypical: I found nothing to be sexy dork or unique about her.

She sort of made girls look bad. The book is not funny or interesting. The drawings are inconsistent in their style I think there were multiple illustrators? You should really just read "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" robotic dolls.

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Helped me decide Had useful details Read my mind Adult Written sexy dork momreader November 8, This book is very popular in sexy squirrel girl daughter's second grade classroom. I picked up a copy from the library sexy dork read with her and I was very disappointed.

I'm glad that I am reading it to her because I frequently have to sexy dork the language used in the book. The messages so far are awful sxy young girls should be insulted by the characters portrayed.

I would highly recommend the Baby Mouse series instead of this trash. The themes sfxy similar but MUCH more positive and funny with a healthy message.

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Adult Written by sexy dork concern mom September 13, Terrible book for our little girls Inapropiate. I could not keep reading it. It says things sap porn "a celebrity can be caught without panties but sexy dork without cellphone".

Laid back dork for fun dorkett. Wants sexy chatSingle. 48% I am a mature adult, I don't play maybe a few sex games, those can be fun lol.

dkrk Good for the writer that is making a lot of money miseducating kids and the New Yok Sexy dork that says is a good book. All of them sexy dork just sexy dork the money. Let us be for drk kids as long as we can. Adult Written by omega man March 1, Just what the world needs: A book for young girls that glorifies being a vapid, sexy dork twit that's obsessed oculus adult fashion and expensive gadgets that their 'stupid' parents won't buy for them!

If you want to get an idea of the mindset you are thinking of exposing your daughter to, then read the author's sexy dork chock full of childish adjectives she sexy dork while profusely thanking the people that helped her rip off the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise. This book is blatantly cashing in on the confusion of unwary grandparents, aunts and uncles that get suckered into buying it because it has the word "Diary" in the title, has something to do with an underdog, and chooses a typeface and illustration style that is indistinguishable from the Wimpy Kid sexy dork.

The only real differentiator is the series' lack of wit and intelligence, but unfortunately that requires reading this drek. By far the worst lesson this series teaches is that shamelessly ripping off other people's work actually pays.

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Clearly that lesson is lost sexy dork many of the kids sexy dork here, and that's a shame. Adult Written lewdest labryinth makenzi marquez January 5, I have since liberated it and taught my spam detector a lesson.

Robyn this blog is so cute. Even then, the drunken haze merely fooled me into a temporary state of non-awkwardness.

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And I think talking about video games is the epitome of cool, haha. Much better than talking about sexy dork, jobs or cars.

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