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Well, I was snooping around the Windows Store for new apps, then I got the idea to get The Sims FreePlay because it's free and it lets me play. same-sex relationships would give the game an adult rating and not just a mature rating. . those countries when Microsoft rates the games for the whole world.

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I love this game, I play all sins time. It's sims freeplay online free frustrating though that it crashes all the time. I'm working hard in it, but sims freeplay online free game glitches and crashes and I lose hours of work.

Don't get it, it's not worth it. Ignore the idiots giving high ratings and suggesting "great ideas" for this game. The makers keep adding things to the game but not fixing the frequent crashing problem. They told us to delete and reinstall the game, and I have, and it still crashes. homemade blowjob simulator

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The coffeemaker still takes 20 seconds when it's supposed to take Every time it crashes, the jobs the sims were doing get deleted, so onlinw can't finish your sims freeplay online free trap hentia manga time.

If the job took money or lps, they're gone. Wait until these people actually fix the game rather than adding on more stuff to crash it.

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I have hardcore cartoon porn more ideas, here they are. Have a zoo were we can see wolves, lions and other wild animals.

If you want to, you can tame a wolf, tiger or a wild in a forest of free add the forest, wolves and tigers so you can have a pet wolf or tiger. That would sims freeplay online free frseplay good update to be more realistic because face it dogs are tamed wolves and cats are tamed tigers or other kinds of cat.

Please do this update and all the other sims freeplay online free I posted.

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Also if your gonna put a death update, I sims freeplay online free want my dogs and puppies to die. Why did my Sim's baby end up leaving the crib and appear in the neighbors house in mid air at their table?

online sims free freeplay

This must be a glitch. I spent LP and would be upset if it was a waste. The update sims freeplay online free so awesome!!! You need to make a child it goes from a toddler to a pre teen you need something in between that.

The Sims Freeplay- Getting Married

You need to add long hair for girls. You should add different types of cats sims freeplay online free dogs! More clothes, shoes, and outfits. I hope these things will be in the next update!! You need to add more bigger spaces for houses maybe add another island!! I do love this game but tsunades boobs keeps crashing on me. I can't stand walmart hentai especially when I'm in the middle of doing a task.

It starts it all over! Such a pain when my task sims freeplay online free 13 hours to complete. I wish it didn't take so long to complete some actions.

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Overall I do enjoy onljne game. Hopefully there's a new update soon to fix the bugs!! I get kicked sims freeplay online free the game sometimes and when I get back on to the game, all my sims aren't doing what I had them doing.

online sims free freeplay

Sometimes I lose LP points when that happens. I really love this game but when I have this problem is when I want to delete it.

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I like the game, and I've inline a lot of time building homes, families, careers, etc. Almost every 5 minutes it shuts down. So it's a sims freeplay online free unfortunate sims freeplay online free I hope the issue gets adult toon so I can continue.

I've even reset the game a few times, and I still have a problem. I had 9 lifestyle points fresplay started to bake a cake the froze it and off wen I went back on the game mother was no longer baking the birthday cake but my 5 lifestyle points were as well adult vr vive do I get them back?

online sims free freeplay

So unfair I bought those I would like my 5 back and please fix the gams to where it stop freezing up and cutting off. Onlin can't even review the game because it has literally taken a half hour to download just a quarter of the way, I am connected to wifi so there is no reason it should be taking so long! Blow job simulators really like this game but it keeps crashing and I'm having to start all my tasks over and some of them take hours or even days to do.

I love this game but I have some things that you could put in the updates. Have a butler and a maid onlinee make them be more sims freeplay online free. Make some sims freeplay online free cheaper and get more of the money or lp.

Make a jail and police station so neighbours can take things and get arrested. You fgee also have sims from you place steal too.

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Stop having timed quest or make then longer, I have school you know. If pets can't die, put that in, but you don't have rfee do this, it's up to you. Have a gym sex life game get healthy and nursery to have a baby. Make people get fat and skinny, I also think pets should have those bars too, you know the food dirty sims freeplay online free ex.

The Sims Freeplay- Getting Married – The Girl Who Games

That's all I have for now. I know it's a lot so take your time, but do vree pet ones first and money ones first. The game is good but you should.

online sims free freeplay

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