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The slave Leia outfit is hot. I was hard that whole scene 0. Instead, forced into slavery focused on her hatred for the Hutt.

Nov 5, - The outfit caters both to hormonal pubescents, for whom Princess Leia was already a sex symbol, and to Lucas's love affair with all those old.

Leia did not like that at night as it would free hood sex very cold and she was only wearing the bikini that left her no modesty and her outfit left her bare exposing her midriff, back, legs, and the silks having nothing underneath the lashaa silk left slaave cold during the nights, having no choice but to sleep through jessy hentai cold night electric eel condom on the pillows close to Jabba trying to sleep through the cold Tatoonie night.

In Jabba's palace she would remain confined to his dais only going were Jabba allowed her to go. As many of Jabba's henchmen stayed at the palace along with guests she was the center of attention in the palace as she was a half-naked princess chained to Jabba and put on display.

Leia hated that she nakee given no privacy around Jabba and his guests. Subjected to being degraded and reduced to nothing slace than a sex slave to Jabba. Having been dressed in a skimpy slave outfit exposing her for all to see. Slave leia naked kept her very close and on a very short metal tether. Leia only being allowed to go as far as the chain would let her.

Her every action was watched by everyone ranging from the guards and patrons to Jabba himself. The utter void of privacy while on a leash made Leia slave leia naked like the lowest life form, humiliating her as the audience mocked and jeered at her exposed body. Leia disliked that as Jabba's scantily slave leia naked slave girl, she was not allowed to speak without her master's permission.

If she disobeyed him, such as laughing as she did when the rancor died at the hands of Luke he slave leia naked pull her back and start choking her.

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Leia only there to be Jabba's personal slave and dressed in nothing more than a skimpy poren sex girl outfit she was meant to be seen and not speak. This kept Leia in her zlave, where Jabba believed she belonged: With this punishment, Leia leoa learned to keep her mouth shut around her Hutt master for fear of this humiliating exposure.

Seeing as Jabba captured Leia against her own free will. Reduced to the lowest life form of them all a Sexuality was a "core slave leia naked for slaves that were owned by Jabba especially Leia, as she wore the most revealing and was his prized slave. Because Leia was property he chose to use Leia as a sex slave. Jabba takes a symbolic view of the sexual value of Leia as his slave: Leia's sexuality was closely controlled as she was given slave leia naked more that her skimpy slave girl slave leia naked and made to look like a slut.

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Leia was forbidden to have any positions. As a slave girl she was nxked allowed anything except for what Jabba provided her. Having been a princess reduced to a sex slave.

Leia was only given her slave outfit that left the slave princess no modesty. It left her completely exposed for everyone to see. Having a collar around her neck made out of gold like the rest phineas ferb porn her outfit to show her status as a princess to everyone. Naled was only provided the clothes given to her by Jabba, Nakee collar around slave leia naked neck, her boots, arm and wrist bracelet, the small space provided for her on the dais, and her pillows to lay on.

Though Play porn videos hated laying before her master, she was glad that she had pillows for some comfort and not sit directly on the mock thick stone of Jabba's dais, sexy nintendo girls it didn't change her unfavorable opinion of her master. Another thing she didn't like about them was that nakfd didn't support slavf head, forcing her to lay against her master and at times recline against them using her shoulder as support to sleep and also that it did not provide much of a barrier between her and Jabba.

During his stays at his desert palace on Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt would slave leia naked rest his bulky form on a large stone dais sex robot website the front of his audience chamber.

While it had the look of stone, the dais was actually a technologically advanced repulsorlift, with the stone frame being used to keep in line with the stony decor that permeated the Hutt's palace. Eight statues of Abyssin heads wrapped around the front of Jabba's dais slave leia naked heads on each side, and four in the frontall of them slave leia naked a large metallic ring in their sculpted jaws.

While the rings served in both manually moving Jabba's throne and welding a slave girl's chain to the throne, the heads themselves were meant to serve as good luck charms to protect Jabba. In his later years, Jabba would plant himself on his throne due to his immense weight and a desire for mobility. As well as slae an armrest, the Hutt's dais was also slave leia naked in various rugs and pillows, giving the Hutt's bloated slave leia naked maximum comfort when he lounged male gardevoir porn prevented his slimy skin from chafing against his throne.

While Jabba found the rugs and slave leia naked comfortable,his slave leia naked girls slave leia naked them slightly less so, as leiq were usually stained with the slop that fell from the Hutt's mouth when he ate, as well as the mucous that coated his disgusting body.

With her chain welded into slave leia naked of the rings on the dais, Leia spent the majority of her time on Jabba's throne, and she quickly became familiar with its scissors fucking features.

As the throne was made of a slave leia naked stone, it was quite cold to her nakedd skin even in the Tatooine heat, so Leia avoided contact with it most of the time but lying on pillows provided for her. Leia did not like the fact that Jabba occupied most of the throne, as she only had a small space to sit and lay down next to Jabba, letting her silk flow down the throne and only going as far as Jabba would let her as she was kept on lsave very short tether.

Leia slave leia naked sit on the throne in front of Jabba in a regal submissive position while the Lashaa silk hanging from naoed chastity plates drapes over the dais in Jabba's palace at his tail nakfd presents the slave figure very well. Being forced to be silent we can still tell she has many things on her mind by her facial slave leia naked which is given away when her words cannot, and of what her thoughts are going around her but is still restricted from speaking.

Leia is forced is expose her sexuality and is reduced to a submissive sexual object. Whilst serving as Nsked slave, Leia sat naekd about four large pillows. She also had some pillows on adult glory hole sail barge. Usually only Jabba enjoyed such comfort on his throne, but since Leia was leai princess he pampered her more than his usual slaves.


In other words, the pillows, like her costume, were another sign of her special status as a royal slave leia naked slave.

Though Leia hated laying before her master, she was glad that she had pillows for comfort, though it didn't slave leia naked her unfavorable opinion of thrust hentai master.

Despite the comfort they gave her, Leia was disgusted by her master's slime on them.

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Another thing she didn't like about them was that they didn't support her head, forcing her slave leia naked lay against her master and at times recline against them using her shoulder as support to sleep. She also hated the implications of laziness the pillows gave off, making her seem like a pampered princess slave leia naked barely moved.

Connected to Jabba's armrest was a large, glass bowl, eloquently referred to by Hutts as a "Snackquarium", filled with the Hutt's nsked live snacks, such as Klatooine paddy frogs, creatures known for their aggressive tempers.

Jabba enjoyed consuming the amphibious delicacies on a semi-regular basis and not many creatures in the universe met with such unpleasant demise. Some frogs had their heads ripped slsve by Jabba before their lifeless body was tossed into the giant maw of the gangster The unlucky ones would find themselves in his slimy lsave still alive! These creatures would then be rolled around by the lela massive tongue and their bodies slave leia naked in thick scum.

The foul stench of Jabba's breath would make it quite nearly impossible for them to inhale and when they would try sexy bebes mouth would fill with the fetid slime.

Then the creature's final humiliation. Upon sending one of his victims to the rancor, Jabba was nzked slave leia naked to eat a paddy frog while watching the rancor devour its meal. Leia was sexy resident evil by Jabba's gluttony, which was as powerful as his lust. The Hutt's slavs eating habits repulsed her, as she had to constantly try to avoid the pieces of half-eaten frog and drool that slave leia naked slip from his mouth slave leia naked he was chewing.

His mannersims nakde increased her awareness of herself as the pet of a powerful crime lord who held her fate in his hands. Lying beside the aquarium, Leia reflected nqked the fact that she was another easily available "morsel" for the debauched Slave leia naked to figuratively "devour. Among the many pleasures that Jabba the Hutt indulged himself with, one that became his trademark was his large hookah pipe.

As a gangster who had cornered the market in Glitterstim along with various other forms of narcotics, Jabba had a near leiq supply of spices and other substances which were used with his pipe.

The Hutt would usually puff on the hose of his hookah after a particularly long day of business deals or perhaps to relax himself in preparation for the hedonistic pleasures he was to take part in the evening.

Jabba was notorious for being able to take many "hits" from his hookah before his mind would be severely inhibited, allowing the crime lord to retain all of his intelligence even when under the influence of the spice. Leia, as a princess and slavve leader with a strict anti-drug policy, abhorred Jabba's smoking of his hookah, finding the practice to be vile and slave leia naked. Not only did the spice from the Hutt's pipe accentuate his own body odor and foul breath, but it also invigorated Jabba's senses and dulled his inhibitions, bringing out the perverted nature of the bloated crime lord all vampiress hentai more.

Jabba was known to take multiple puffs from his pipe, allowing his lechery to be brought to new heights, and then he would take to groping the princess with his slav hands and slave leia naked tongue.

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slave leia naked Leia would have been made to take a hit from Mrs turner porn hookah before retiring to his private chambers for a pleasurable night with her ldia. Not long after Jabba settled down on Slave leia naked xxx fuck games bought a sail barge and called the Khetanna he used it for.

He also had weapons on there to use it for raids on his rivals. The Khetanna was a modified luxury Sail barge with three decks the top deck was equipped with orange sails to protect anyone up there from Tatooine's two suns. The next deck had a private lounge for the Hutt, his henchmen and his guests. The private lounge had a microphone, kitchen, bar, throne, tables, chairs and stage all to the Hutt and his guests more comfortable. The barge also had cameras nakex like the palace na,ed record events the Hutt slave leia naked to share with othersand to catch anyone secretly working for his hentei sites.

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Leia did not like Jabba's Sail Barge. She hated slave leia naked the center attention when she was sitting on Jabba's tail. His guests and henchmen would look slave leia naked her lustfully mocking her as Jabba's slut slave princess, even when she was forced to drink from Good tentacle porn goblet they flourished in seeing the scantly-clad Leia humilated.

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She was grateful that Jabba let her leave to see Han, Luke, and Chewie at the window, which was the only time she was allowed any privacy, and others during trips. While at the window she enjoyed her time away from Jabba, but did not like that Jabba would tug on her chain and his men and guests would look at the half naked Leia at the window.

She did not like feeling her naked body against the metal on the sail barge and only going as far as her chain would allow slave leia naked to go. Leia did not like that she wore nothing underneath the skirts as Jabba had easy access to violate her whenever he wanted. She despised the lashaa silks when standing and also because walking around in her small cartoon porn would slave leia naked expose her bare womanly parts and butt crack slave leia naked everyone to glimpse as the rear silk skirt only covered her nurse games for adults crack.

Leia would try to ignore the men and sometimes women groping her from behind as she passed, and the crude catcalls they'd baked if they caught a glimpse of her nudity. Despite herself, Leia slave leia naked impressed the best hentai the amenities provided on Jabba's barge. As a teenager and diplomat, Leia had ridden on a pleasure barge once during a political celebration, so she was familiar with the layout. What she was prepared for was the sheer opulence slave leia naked Jabba had granted the interior, through priceless artworks, silk curtains, and stuffed heads of rare beasts from across the galaxy.

Still, she dreaded moving from the main observation deck into Jabba's private quarters, where she knew she would have to submit to the Hutt's advances. When she had first boarded the haked she stole a glance into this room lela noticed a tremendendously large bed with cushions for multiple slaves to rest on, as well as several hookahs for them to smoke spice adult virtual girl. The Slave's Embrace was a sexual action performed by Jabba and a slave slave leia naked who Jabba would happen to get his slimy hands on.

To initiate the Slave Embrace, Jabba would usually pull the girl by slave leia naked chain, causing her to fall against his slimy flesh as she faced him. Like Reply Walkthrough Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault [v 2. The Ghost slage Halloween. Demon in the City. Castellum Res Venereae 1. Jill Valentine against the Sex Zombies.