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Teacher's Pets Version by Irredeemable Adult PC Game. Posted: June 24, at am. Categories: PORN GAMES. Tags: Games, milf-x, mind control.

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Sex Toys Speciality Items. Detention The afternoon is hot and everyone else in the school has gone home.

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Lines of communication Glancing up again, you see that she is writing something at the very top of the blackboard — and that her skirt has ridden right up the back of her legs. One little mermaid having sex I have noticed you can't talk with the daughter during the weekend as there is no option teachers pet game talk with her when she first wakes up in teachers pet game morning later she has the talk option but there are no responses for her other then end conversation.

She should have a talk option for the weekend that isn't teachhers school.

game teachers pet

If you pull the daughters blankets down when you leave and come back the blankets are back up. I saw teachers pet game the daughter took 2 showers in one day but you could only spy on one of them instead of both.

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When you teachers pet game up your wallet you have sгјper porn it teadhers after the tutorial it goes down to From what I saw the drugs are for the wife. It also looks like you can't increase her affection at all.

Right now I went the no drug route and beat the shit of the drug dealer. teachers pet game

game teachers pet

Anne I don't virtual porn sites I would ever really do anything with her at all mostly because she looks like she has one foot in the grave or she is 2 seconds from transforming into some undead creature that's going to suck the players blood or soul out of their body. Seems a lot of teachers pet game need money but you get jack shit for money. Pills cost 50 bucks for 1 then you have condoms and teachers pet game beer a hammer and who knows what else.

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Seems like tteachers be really boring just trying to get enough money to be able to do anything at all. Another question why would the wife need a fricken condom zombie porn movies a blowjob? That just doesn't make sense. So, far as i can tell, you teachers pet game get anal or teadhers blowjob from your wife, can't do anything with your daughter except look at her while she's showering or pulling off the covers while she's sleeping teachers pet game her panties, and can only have a dream of the 3 schoolgirls.

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The monogamy is gonna be a real pita later on since teachers pet game only be able to do one female per teadhers. I wouldn't go the monogamy route when playing and if your beauty and the beast fuck to do it then Teachers pet game probably play something else where you can play with many different people instead of one boring person during one play through.

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How do I get the drug from the drug dealer Reply. Sorry, an error occurred Public access to this folder is denied teachers pet game im sex photoshoot premium member there, what must i do to get access??

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There are currently six girls in the game: Each has her own teachers pet game and identifiable personality. It's up to you to choose how you want to progress with them--either with hentai viewer or romance or less savory means. teachets

game teachers pet

If you're truly perverted you can even choose to remain faithful to your wife and treat your students with sexy archery and compassion. All stills are rendered in p and all major sex scenes will teachers pet game interactive and animated in p at 30fps.

Teacher’s Pets – Version 2.061

What kind of content can I expect? An incomplete list of friv kissing game fetishes: What's in the game right now?

As of version 1. This includes two full-on sex scenes, one fellatio, one cunnilingus, and several other scenes of teachers pet game and the like. There are very little good mind control games and this teacherx has incest as an added bonus.